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Novacrisp BBQ 12 Bags

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Novacrisp BBQ 12 Bags


Cassava Flour, Tapioca Starch, Seasoning ( Sugar, Onion Powder, Salt, Natural Flavors, Spices, Citric Acid, (May contain Sunflower Oil and Silicon Dioxide as processing aids). Canola Oil, Sugar, Salt.

Made In U.S.A.

Novacrisps are airpopped, never Fried, plant based, grain free Cassava crisp

Are you looking for the classic and classy Sea Salt Flavor? Our Maui Onion delivers the perfect balance of savory and sweet. The BBQ flavor is fill with a tangy kick. The Vegan White Cheddar is non-dairy and yet bursting with cheesy goodness.

  • Premium Cassava Root

    Sourcing the best nutty-flavored, starchy root vegetable, Cassava we can find, plus Certified Vegan

  • Certified Gluten Free

    No need to worry about Gluten because Cassava is naturally Gluten Free

  • Never Fried

    Never Fried - Only Air-popped, so no greasy chip

  • Plant Based

    We use zero animal products to make our delicious crisps