Our Story

Nova Crisps are for the inner foodie, as well as those who care about what they put in their bodies.  Our snacks represent the culmination of culinary research and a path to healthier eating.  Unlike other snacks, nova crisps have a whole new gastronomic experience in each flavor.  We chose cassava as the principal ingredient due to its many health benefits and for its nutrient rich characteristics.   


We know that you aren’t looking for something that looks good on paper, but rather, is good for you.  It wasn’t enough to simply use a superfood ingredient.  Not just by its ingredients, but also by how it is processed.  Nova Crisp needed a way to truly make this a healthy snacking experience.  As a result, we came across this technique called air popping.  This involves a combination of heat and the right amount of pressure.  We found that using this methodology fit our core values as well as it met a need that traditional snacks lack.  Our crisps are never fried, and has no cholesterol clogging oils. 


The little details make a huge difference.  We are proud to say that we are nut free, free of lactose, and our snacks are gluten free.  So, people with nut, milk, and glucose problems can rest assured that our snacks will not disturb your life.