• Premium Cassava Root

    Sourcing the best nutty-flavored, starchy root vegetable, Cassava we can find, plus Certified Vegan

  • Certified Gluten Free

    No need to worry about Gluten because Cassava is naturally Gluten Free.

  • Plant Based

    Trust that every airpopped Crisp to all the ingredients we put in are plant based.

  • Never Fried

    Never Fried - Only Air-popped, so no greasy chip.

📖 Our Story 📖

We strive to be a healthier alternative snack brand, bridging the gap between taste and well-being. We believe that our bodies come first and we prioritize values that guide us to a better, healthier future with our cassava crisps.

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  • - WIWSE -


    I got the sea salt flavor and it has just enough taste to be delicious plain or used as the base for a dip or topping. Overall, I would strongly recommend these as a replacement for rice cakes, chips, and other "junk food" for those trying to live a more healthy lifestyle.



    These are the BEST!There was a similar cassava chip sold for a limited time at a store in my area, but they quit selling them.I decided to search Amazon for a similar product and found these which are so much better!The only bad thing is my husband is eating them before I can.

  • - MBF -


    With spending so much time at home during the Pandemic, I noticed we were all snacking, or searching for foods to snack on more than we ever did before. I went on Amazon to find a healthier alternative. They are absolutely delicious and only have 110 calories per bag! Everyone in the house loved them.